George Hincapie – Featured Rider Interview Now that you have raced 16 Tour de Frances will you try for 17?

George Hincapie: I hope to do one more. It’s been a long career. Longer than average. But I still feel good and I still have a lot to give back to the sport. How do you react to being tied with riding 16 Tours?

George Hincapie: My main motivation wasn’t the record. It was helping Cadel (Evans) win the Tour. That was very satisfying. I feel like it’s definitely one of the highlights of my career. Is it difficult to have a family while being a professional cyclist?

George Hincapie: Certainly it’s hard to be away from my family for parts of the season. The nice thing for me is that I can bring them over to Spain when school isn’t going on. But the team has been very helpful in giving me a program that allows me to take a break after the Tour and do races in the U.S. like the Tour of Utah and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge that let me stay in Greenville. I like being able to race in the U.S. and not be so far from home. When did you start getting interested in cycling?

George Hincapie: My dad was a big part in getting me interested in cycling. He supported me in my racing career and still comes to the races when he can. Do you have any hobbies that you do off the bike?

George Hincapie: Not really. What is your opinion about the collapse of HTC Highroad?

George Hincapie: Any time cycling loses a team, especially one as successful as the Highroad program, it’s not a good thing. How do you feel about all the doping allegations that have been happening?

George Hincapie: Cycling is doing more testing and is trying to clean up the sport a lot more than other sports.

By Luke Allingham